The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of health care and adult social care services in England. They also protect the interests of people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.  Whether services are provided by the NHS, local authorities or by private or voluntary organisations, they make sure that people get better care. They:

• Focus on quality and act swiftly to eliminate poor quality care, and

• Make sure care is centered on people’s needs and protects their rights.

CQC have responsibility for regulating SMHS.  Below are links to the CQC website and to reports for previous CQC inspections of SMHS.

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Link to our CQC reports –


The service...

“...was an integral member of the Bolton Integrated Drug and Alcohol Service. It was clear that people's health, safety and welfare was protected when more than one provider was involved in their care and treatment, or when they moved between different services”. - BIDAS Jan 2014


People's privacy...

“...and dignity were respected. We observed staff treating people with respect, being polite and courteous. There was a supportive atmosphere between staff and the people who used the service. People's preferences and experiences were taken into account in relation to how care and support was delivered." - RAPS, Leeds April 2013


People experienced...

“...treatment and support that met their needs and protected their rights.  People's support plans contained a good level of information that ensured their needs were being met. We spoke with five people who used the service and they told us they were happy with the treatment and support they received." - ENE, Leeds May 2013



There was...

“...information about the care and treatment people who used the service needed.  There was also support for people in the form of peer group meetings and one to one meetings. People we spoke with told us they found this part of the service very useful and were satisfied with this level of support. Comments included, "The support is fantastic", "Staff are brilliant" and "We always discuss options and goals."” -  J2R, Hull October 2013